Aquarium Design

 We design your aquarium with your vision in mind.  Bringing the natural beauty of freshwater and marine aquariums to your home or business.  From style of aquarium, size, location and the type of inhabitants you would like to keep.  We can guide you through it all.


Aquarium Health

  At Holm's on Aquariums we are fish and aquarium specialists.  We love keeping tropical and marine fish and have maintained fresh and marine aquariums for over 40  years.  Having bred over 50 varieties of freshwater fish and 3 different clownfish species and the bengaii cardinal fish as well.  In that time the hobby has seen many changes and with our expertise we can provide you with the latest in aquarium innovation and health information. 


Aquarium Maintenance

 Aquarium maintenance is something that needs to be done regularly either by you the owner or a reliable second party who knows what is necessary to keep a healthy vibrant aquarium alive and growing.  This is what we do and we do it very well. 


Aquarium Education

 The key to keeping a successful aquarium is your knowledge level.   The more you know the more successful you can be    The key is receiving quality information from the start.  We have the experience and knowledge to provide that to new, novice, and intermediate fish keepers.  Knowledge is the key to success!


Aquarium Consulting

 We help aquarium enthusiasts solve many of the issues that can occur in the hobby.  Facebook and google often provide information without knowing all the full facts and can be more of a hindrance than a help than one on one help. 


100% Customer Satisfaction

 We aim to please our customers and won't be satisfied until every detail is achieved to your satisfaction.